Mainframe (MFT) Token Announces Token Distribution, Binance Announces Trading

Binance Lists Mainframe (MFT)

What better way to open for trade than on the world’s leading digital exchange platform? The fairytale continued for the Mainframe (MFT) community as Binance announced that it will support the new digital asset on the prestigious exchange platform a day before its token distribution.

Mainframe (MFT) officially opened for trade on Binance at 2018/07/05 09:00 AM (UTC). Mainframe (MFT) coin is available for trading on Binance with three trading pairs; MFT/BNB, MFT/BTC and MFT/ETH.

Exchange listing for Mainframe (MFT) token

The announcement made by Binance to support Mainframe coin for trade on the leading exchange platform is undoubtedly its biggest achievement yet. However, despite being only a day old, Mainframe has already secured three exchange listings; IDEX and Bancor Network being the other two exchange platforms to support MFT for trade.

Only two days in the market, and the daily trade – exchange volume of Mainframe is already impressive. The trade volume of the token over the last 24 hours is estimated at $35.7 million, with $30.5 million coming from its Bitcoin (BTC) pair on Binance.

Price and market status of the mainframe (MFT) token

After concluding a successful token distribution yesterday, Mainframe Coin (MFT) officially opened for trade, since then the coin has been through the volatility of the crypto market. MFT’s opening trade value was $0.020993, the coin quickly rose to its highest value of $0.021507 before falling back to $0.017791.

As at the time of this writing, Mainframe coin (MFT) is recording a sharp decline of 10.87%, as a result, the token now has a trade value of $0.016976. Mainframe is ranked as the 201st largest cryptocurrency according to coinmarketcap, with an estimated market cap of $36.7 million USD.

About Mainframe (MFT)

Cryptocurrencies will continue to gain relevance as more projects seek to leverage distributed ledger technology. Mainframe is a new blockchain project looking to breach the gap between blockchain and the ‘real’ world.

The Mainframe Network

Mainframe is specifically focused to reach individuals around the world who are subjected to extreme surveillance and censorship. Mainframe ensures the secure sharing of data by leveraging layers of cryptography and blockchain for communicating.

Mainframe claims its network is an architecture for a new kind of internet, one that is free of trackers, hackers, gatekeepers, and censorship. The Mainframe network is focused on providing privacy, encryption, and interoperability to users of its network. There are 5 fundamental mechanisms in its network:

  1. Encryption: The Mainframe network uses cryptography and advanced encryption technology to offer secure messaging services on peer to peer and group basis.
  2. Dark Routing: On the Mainframe network, nodes will be integrated into the decentralized network, making messaging activities on the network almost impossible to track.
  3. Incentivization: To support and grow the decentralized network, Mainframe will be giving out rewards to nodes that support the network.
  4. Peer-to-Peer: The Mainframe network is contracted on a peer to peer architecture which distributed all application data throughout the network, implying that the network cannot be shut down or censored.
  5. Interoperability: This function still resides in the roadmap of Mainframe, where the network will be made available for the integration with any application, network or blockchain.

The Mainframe raised a total of $20 Million USD through its ICO. The ERC20-based MFT tokens were distributed on July 5. With the distribution complete, Mainframe begins its journey towards building a new internet.

Meet Onyx: Mainframe’s Messaging Solution

Despite being in its early days, Mainframe has already established the project as a solution-based network. Onyx is the first decentralized application to be built on the Mainframe network, and according to the team, the project is an outgrowth of their frustrations with the traditional messaging tools.

Onyx is a fully decentralized workplace messaging tool, and an attempt by Mainframe to build a messaging tool that is bulletproof to outside threats but still spots a smooth interface. With the integration of Slack, Onyx runs on the censorship-resistant and surveillance resistant Mainframe network.

Onyx was launched the same day as the token distribution with support for all major platforms on desktops and mobile.

This makes this app the first decentralized app on the Mainframe network is expected to lay a foundation for other DApps. According to Mainframe, Onyx also offers the following application usage:

  • Internal communications for companies dealing with sensitive information like the healthcare sector, finance, and governments.
  • Make anonymous data gathering process for research in academia and polling.
  • In IoT’s where information leakage would normally be difficult to prevent.
  • Bot communication, relaying information to end users from various sources.

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