Patrick Mahomes Launches NFT Collection

NFL star Patrick Mahomes is set to launch a new NFT collection under his Museum of Mahomes brand in September.

NFL star Patrick Mahomes, known for his sensational gameplay and victories with the Kansas City Chiefs, has gained recognition in the digital world as well. Adding to his growing list of achievements, Mahomes is set to re-enter the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market. In September, fans can expect the Museum of Mahomes, his NFT brand, to release 15,000 new digital collectibles.

Patrick Mahomes, with his existing two Super Bowl championships and Most Valuable Player (MVP) titles from his six-season NFL journey, is no stranger to the NFT scene. In 2021, he was one of the first athletes to enter the NFT market. Now, he prepares for another leap into the digital space with the forthcoming launch of his Museum of Mahomes II collection.

Physical and Digital Perks

This latest digital collection features NFTs that reflect the Chiefs star’s entire NFL career. It also offers an added bonus — some NFTs come with real-life perks. These range from physical trading cards to signed jerseys and footballs, enhancing the value and appeal of the NFTs.

Details regarding which blockchain network the Museum of Mahomes will use to mint these NFTs remain undisclosed. The cost of the NFTs is also under wraps for now. However, considering Mahomes’ successful NFT debut in March 2021, where he generated a staggering $3.7 million in sales, expectations are high.

Owners of the original Museum of Mahomes NFTs from the previous launch can look forward to claiming physical versions of their digital collectibles, personally signed by the Super Bowl MVP.

The Museum of Mahomes

The digital agency D-O-M has played a key role in this project, just as it did during the previous Museum of Mahomes NFT drop on MakersPlace. The 2021 launch also used the Ethereum NFT marketplace and platform, further bolstering Mahomes’ presence in the crypto world.

Besides his independent ventures, Mahomes has also represented Dapper Labs’ NFL All Day. As the official spokesperson, he marked the platform’s public launch in August last year.

In addition to enriching the NFT space, Mahomes aims to contribute to social welfare. A portion of the NFT sales will go to his 15 and the Mahomies Foundation. The foundation focuses on supporting children from underserved communities through various initiatives.

Mahomes has expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming NFT release and its potential to do good through his foundation. With the Museum of Mahomes II collection on its way, the NFL superstar continues to blend the worlds of sports and digital innovation while serving his community.

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