Former President Donald Trump Owns $250,000 Ethereum

Former President Donald Trump is now part of the cryptocurrency world. He has between $250,000 to $500,000 in a wallet containing Ethereum. This is a surprising move for Trump, who has been critical of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Trump’s New Adventure with Special Pictures Called NFTs

After leaving the White House, Trump got involved in something new: non-fungible tokens or NFTs. These are unique online pictures, and Trump made 44,000 of them last December. The pictures showed him as a hunter, a superhero, and more. They were sold for $99 each, and people bought them all in just one day.

Because people liked them so much, Trump and his partner, a company named NFT INC LLC, made more in April, and those sold out too.

How Much Money Trump Made from NFTs

The two batches of NFTs made more than $8.9 million! Trump’s share was $298,000, and this money was put into the same place where his Ethereum is kept.

Even though Trump is worth an estimated $2.5 billion, he still made a good amount from these NFTs. This is surprising because, in the past, he said he didn’t like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He thought they could be used for illegal things like drug trade.

What the Government Thinks About Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

The Securities and Exchange Commission, a part of the government that watches over money matters, has been looking closely at cryptocurrencies. They even went after famous people like Kim Kardashian who talked about them. But they haven’t said much about NFTs like Trump’s, so he probably won’t have any legal trouble from this.

Former President Donald Trump And His Relations To Crypto

It’s interesting to see someone like Trump getting involved in things like Ethereum and NFTs, especially since he didn’t like them before. People are always curious about what he does, and this new move keeps him in the news. It shows how things like money and fame are changing in today’s world. Whether you like him or not, Trump’s name is always somewhere, and now it’s connected to the world of unique online pictures and a kind of money called Ethereum.

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