Chinese Authorities Probe Filecoin’s STFIL Developers

STFIL, a prominent liquid staking protocol within the Filecoin ecosystem, finds itself under the investigative lens of Chinese police. This development was shared by the STFIL team via an X post dated April 9, shedding light on the legal challenges faced by its core members. The team has since secured legal counsel to navigate the complexities of the situation and ensure support for those involved.

The inquiry into STFIL’s operations comes in the wake of unusual activity observed on the platform. Notably, a week prior to the disclosure, STFIL experienced an unexpected transfer of Filecoin (FIL) assets to an anonymous address. This incident coincided with irregular and unplanned updates to the protocol, raising concerns about the security and integrity of the platform. Currently, the address in question holds over 2.5 million FIL, translating to an estimated value of $23.3 million.

STFIL’s Standing in the Filecoin Ecosystem

STFIL boasts a significant position in the Filecoin network, securing the spot as the second-largest protocol by total value locked, according to data from DefiLlama. With nearly $40 million in cryptocurrency under its belt, it trails behind GLIF, another key player in the ecosystem. Launched in 2023, STFIL introduced the concept of liquid staking for FIL token holders, presenting an innovative avenue for earning returns.

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