Justin Sun Purchased $160 Million in Ethereum

The user named “TWGHNc” has drawn significant attention due to its high-volume activities across various trading platforms, including the prominent Binance and a slew of decentralized exchanges. 

This intrigue was sparked by Lookonchain, a blockchain analytics firm, which highlighted a notable transaction wherein the wallet in question withdrew a staggering 500 million USDT in Tether from HTX, previously known as Huobi, last Sunday.

The activities of this wallet didn’t stop there; it further executed a substantial deposit of 50 million USDT into Binance today. Such financial maneuvers have led market analysts to speculate about the identity behind this wallet, with fingers pointing towards a figure with the financial clout to orchestrate such massive transactions. The capability to move such volumes hints at a player related to Justin Sun, a well-known personality in the cryptocurrency realm.

Unraveling the Web of High-Stakes Cryptocurrency Transactions

Further digging into the wallet’s history reveals a pattern of transactions that suggest a close connection to another wallet address, “0x7a95.” These two addresses have demonstrated synchronized movements, notably on February 7, when “TWGHNc” deposited $5.4 million into HTX. This was closely followed by a withdrawal of a similar value in ETH by “0x7a95” from the same exchange the following day. Additionally, a deposit of 50 million USDT to Binance by “TWGHNc” on February 1 correlated with a withdrawal of 9,959 ETH from Binance by “0x7a95” on February 12, hinting at a coordinated strategy between the two.

Such high-profile transactions have not only piqued the interest of market observers but have also led to speculation regarding the ownership of the wallet, with some suggesting it could belong to Sun. This connection, while speculative, suggests a bullish outlook on Ethereum from the TRON founder if proven true.

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