MultiversX Launches Onchain 2FA After Billions Stolen, Millions Affected

Safeguard your funds like never before. In the digital age where billions in crypto vanish due to intensifying cyber-attacks, MultiversX steps in with a revolutionary solution. Introducing the “Guardians” – the superhero squad for your crypto wallet.

The first paragraph of a news article should always summarize the entire article. With billions lost and millions affected in the crypto world, MultiversX’s response is launching an Onchain 2FA security system. By integrating two separate forms of verification, this move ensures that crypto holders have fortified control over their wallets.

Guardians: The New Sentinels of Security

In the face of growing security breaches, MultiversX took the challenge head-on by designing the Guardians. Their primary objective? Protecting users against potential attacks. The Guardian acts as a co-signer for transactions, ensuring that even if a hacker gets hold of your Secret Phrase, they’re blocked from unauthorized fund transfers. Compatible with several MultiversX wallets, users can activate the Guardians to beef up their digital safety.

So, how exactly does this work? Users have the autonomy to assign an entity, known as their Guardian, to co-sign their transactions. With a simple integration of an Authenticator app into their wallet, the dual verification kicks in. For those using the xPortal app, the device’s application takes up the Guardian’s role, eliminating the need for an additional Authenticator app.

Why the 20-Day Cooldown Is Crucial

Changing a Guardian isn’t instant – and for good reason. The 20-day cooldown period is a critical feature that provides users with a security buffer. Given that transferring funds securely might surpass 10 days, MultiversX has intelligently stretched this phase to an extra 10 days, granting users sufficient time to act if their accounts face compromise.

If an unfortunate breach does occur, the system alerts the user. The course of action? Swiftly move assets to a safe account, remain engaged with your current account, and refrain from altering your Guardian until funds have been securely shifted.

The Rise of Invisible Guardians: Stealth Security

MultiversX doesn’t stop at the Guardian feature. Enter the Invisible Guardians, a spin-off tailored especially for xPortal aficionados. Designed to maintain the user-friendliness xPortal is renowned for, this feature amplifies security. When activated, an encrypted guardian, saved on the user’s device, quietly co-signs transactions, adding an extra layer of protection.

Activating the Invisible Guardian is a breeze. Accessible in the xPortal Settings under the Security section, users can effortlessly set up this covert protector by backing up their account with a password, enabling the Invisible Guardian through blockchain, and patiently waiting out the 20-day cooldown.

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