What is Going On With Steem (STEEM) Coin?

The unique nature of Steem (STEEM) secured its place early on in the radically growing digital industry.

One of its offshoots, Steemit, is a blockchain based social media platform that allows users to create and curate content.

The blockchain-based social network is already recognized as one of the biggest real-life blockchain projects yet.

The Steem network is widely known for its use in pioneering social media apps and for distributing Smart Media Tokens (SMT’s) which is used to reward users of the network for their content.

Steem, the social media game-changer, has reached the heights of blockchain success in a little over 2 years.

Current Market Status of STEEM

STEEM continues to the recovery, as it pushes against the bears daily. As at the time of this writing, the STEEM token is down by 2.48% over the last 24 hours and an accumulated hike of over 25% in the last 7 days.

The Steem token now has a trade value of $1.67. Steem is currently the 31st largest cryptocurrency by market cap, holding an estimated $438 million USD.

Most of the recent activity on the network is geared towards improving the developers on the Steem network. Steemwork Team, recently released Major Dev Portal Updates which constitutes part of the Hivemind.

Major DevPortal Updates

Members of the Steem community are familiar with the DevPortal updates through which new features and updates are added to the Steem network by the Steem development team.

The Dev portal in its self is designed for developers on the Steem network. The latest DevPortal update 5 features some new projects on the network, and some projects to launch in the future.

Improved Learning Structure

The Dev Portal update 5 features a new guideline for tutorials on the Steem network.

According to Steem, the new loose standard tutorials featured on the network are designed to be the easiest and fastest way for developers to learn how to program on the Steem network.


Literarily deriving its meaning from the traditional recipe, Recipes are a series of instructions being developed by Steem to enable members of her community to efficiently accomplish objectives on the network.

Recipes will help improve the efficiency of developers on the Steem network just like food recipes would a cook.

Steem Python

Steem Python is a library of code made available to application developers on the Steem network for interfacing with the Steem blockchain.

Steem has updated the Steem Python for a better experience, updates and improvement were also made to Jussi. Jussi, a software created for developers and node operators to access Steem’s base codes.

These updates released by Steem are a way of attracting more developers to the already robust network as well as stabilizing the network.

Steem has one of the most vibrant and active blockchain communities; Steemit is already the leading blockchain platform for user-generated contents, and there is Status.

Steem’s developer related activities and its monetization of social media content will see it compete against leading platforms like Facebook and Reddit in the near future,

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