BitTorrent Launches uTorrent Web As It Enters New Era Of Torrenting

On September 4, 2018, BitTorrent, the company behind the world’s most popular p2p communications protocol owned by the Tron Foundation, announced the official release of µTorrent Web internet browser.

uTorrent Web makes torrenting easier and safer

Tron Foundation made this known in a Twitter post yesterday, with a video attached which explains exactly what the product does.

Product designer, Cory Keller explained that µTorrent Web is a web-based torrent client for Windows that helps users quickly download and play torrent files inside their browser.

The product has been available in beta for years, and the team has now delivered the stable version.

Cory noted that the difference between this product and its counterparts is that downloading of files happens on the browser. The team recognized that this is the age of streaming and have incorporated features that would make it even better for users.

It is frustrating for most people to wait for files to finish downloading before they watch. This is why µTorrent Web can play audio and video files before they’ve finished downloading.

It has also been designed in a way that playback happens inside the browser, which is different from the normal uTorrent.

Once the app has been downloaded, it will try to open torrent and magnet links automatically in a browser window. From the app, users can search for content on their regular torrent sites, or use µTorrent Web’s search box, which redirects them to Google.

Downloading files using this software is very fast as expected while playback has been tested to be very seamless. If subtitles are available in the torrent file, they are pulled in automatically.

The team recognized that security is a very important thing to have. They partnered with ad-aware, which is an internet privacy and security provider that offers simple and excellent solutions that increase user-online experience.

Browser safety is a chrome and opera extension created by Ad-aware. The extension pops into action once a user searches for a torrent, scanning the search results and preventing the harmful sites from loading on your browser.

The results will be loaded into the extension, the user will click play on the file of choice and µTorrent Web will download the torrent and play it for the user. This means that the user will not need to visit any site.

There are numerous languages incorporated in the product. Users can pick their language, their default download folder, and even whether to open each torrent in a new tab.

It’s also possible to set whether µTorrent Web will start up when the user’s computer boots, clear their search history, and of course choose uTorrent Web as the default torrent client.

The product which is available for only Windows users now can be downloaded at It is compatible with all major browsers and delivers both novice and experienced users a torrent download experience with near instant playing.

Keller added that the team is still working on the desktop version of µTorrent, known as µTorrent Classic.

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