XCAD Founder Supports KSI Amid Pump and Dump Claims

Oliver Bell, the visionary behind Xcad Network, publicly supported YouTuber KSI against accusations by crypto investigator ZachXBT. The controversy unfolded when ZachXBT disclosed details on social media about KSI’s alleged pump-and-dump scheme involving his digital asset tokens, notably XCAD. Following these claims, a debate erupted regarding the ethical implications of KSI’s actions in the cryptocurrency sphere.

The Core of the Allegations

ZachXBT’s allegations were rooted in screenshots showing KSI’s activity on social media platform X, where he talked about XCAD before reportedly offloading $850,000 worth of the tokens shortly after. This pattern of behavior, according to ZachXBT, was evident with other tokens as well. The situation caught the attention of another crypto analyst, Coffeezilla, who labeled these actions as quintessential pump-and-dump tactics.

Contrary to the accusations, Oliver Bell came forward with a different narrative. Bell emphasized KSI’s significant contributions to the Xcad Network, highlighting his proactive role in making valuable introductions and offering product-related suggestions. According to Bell, KSI’s investment strategy did involve selling some tokens, but he also acquired a significantly larger amount, showcasing a broader investment pattern beyond the alleged pump-and-dump activities.

A Community Divided

The controversy has split the community, with opinions varying widely. A dedicated fan of KSI, known as Vibhor, published a comprehensive 36-page document in defense of the YouTuber. This document draws parallels between KSI’s unpredictable investment decisions and the market reactions often observed following statements by CNBC’s Jim Cramer. Vibhor’s analysis suggests a contrarian approach to KSI’s public statements on crypto investments might be more fruitful, a strategy KSI himself has humorously acknowledged.

However, Coffeezilla remains unconvinced by these defenses. The crux of his argument is not about the accuracy of KSI’s market predictions but the ethical implications of saying one thing while doing another. According to Coffeezilla, such behavior is synonymous with pump-and-dump schemes, regardless of the individual’s market influence or intentions.

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