Lacoste Unveils a Virtual Store For NFT Enthusiasts

Lacoste, in collaboration with Emperia, launches an innovative virtual store offering exclusive benefits for its UNDW3 NFT holders.

The fashion giant Lacoste is on the brink of launching an avant-garde digital shop. This cutting-edge initiative, crafted by Emperia, a leader in retail technology, introduces an immersive shopping journey that blends typical e-commerce features with exclusive benefits for UNDW3 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) owners. The UNDW3 tokens, pronounced as “underwater”, serve as the core of Lacoste’s NFT-based reward system.

Entering this virtual marketplace through Lacoste’s established online platform, customers step into the wide-open mouth of Lacoste’s legendary crocodile mascot. They then find themselves inside a beautifully tiled boutique. From there, an elevator ride takes them to a pool area showcasing Lacoste’s summer collection, complete with a breathtaking view of a beach. Furthermore, a crocodile-inspired scavenger hunt adds a layer of fun to the shopping experience.

Advantages for UNDW3 Token Holders 

The exciting journey takes a turn for UNDW3 token owners. These privileged shoppers have access to a VIP area that takes the form of an underwater space. It’s in this VIP section that an exclusive UNDW3 apparel collection awaits. The collection, co-created with Lacoste’s UNDW3 community members earlier in the year, is only available to these token holders.

Every piece of clothing from this exclusive range comes paired with a digital NFT version and an augmented reality (AR) feature, activated by scanning a QR code. Additionally, the underwater VIP zone hosts an advanced level of the scavenger hunt game. It’s a place where token holders can win weekly prizes throughout the summer season.

Emperia has a track record of developing standout virtual experiences for eminent brands such as Bloomingdale’s, Burberry, Christie’s, and Dior. Its collaborative efforts with Lacoste have led to the creation of a virtual shopping experience that cleverly merges the physical and digital retail worlds. Their previous project for Lacoste, a token-gated shopping adventure created in 2022, clinched the prestigious Webby Award in May 2023.

Lacoste Web3 Loyalty Program

The clothing giant took its UNDW3 Web3 loyalty program to a new level in June 2023. Lacoste not only enhanced its initial NFT pass to a more dynamic token but also launched a platform exclusively for its token holders. This innovative platform turns shopping into a game, offering rewards for playing interactive games and participating in fashion design contests.

Lacoste’s physical studio closely collaborates with members during these design challenges, providing them with advanced 3D and AI-based tools. The interactive challenges allow members to rack up points that are then displayed on a community leaderboard. The high scorers can bag grand prizes like an all-expenses-paid week with Lacoste in Paris or a chance to feature in a UNDW3 community social media campaign.

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