XRP price resists the crypto plunge effecting Bitcoin and Ethereum

Ripple-created crypto is doing a good job of resisting the onset of crypto winter. 

As much of the market looks into the face of a strong headwind, and faces down some of the lowest prices they have seen in over a year now, XRP is making as good a job as any of the major cryptocurrencies of avoiding the fallout caused by the Bad News Bears of Bitcoin Cash, and the doubts surrounding Ethereum.

With Bitcoin now crashing down well below $5,000 on some exchange, according to the aggregated pricing of CryptoCompare, XRP is currently doing a decent job of standing firm and holding close to the $0.50-mark that has been of some significance in recent weeks. Compared to a fall-away of over 11% for the headline crypto, and nearly 14% for Ethereum, XRP has haemorrhaged just 2%.

Over on BitMEX, the pricing of its XRPZ18 futures contracts has spiked by 11% during the course of the day’s trading, currently sitting at BTC0.00009881, or roughly $0.48c, which says a lot for how traders see the fortunes of the controversial pre-mined coin, which is currently back under the spotlight in the light of recent decision by the SEC regarding considering ICOs securities. Indeed, much of 2018 has been about establishing a legal definition for XRP, and what that could mean for its future – even as much as it’s been about the real-world use cases that have set it apart from many other projects, that have struggled to find some purpose beyond looking good in a white paper.

Indeed, earlier today we reported on how Dr. Craig Wright, one of the forces behind the highly acrimonious Bitcoin Cash split, has turned his ire of XRP in series of recent tweets. Doesn’t look like it’s doing it much harm right now, however.

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