Why some are predicting Ethereum is set for an imminent massive spike

January is set to be a huge month for Ethereum – and its price may be about to reflect that…

January, for a series of reasons, is being seen as a key month for cryptocurrencies. Can the market recover from a brutal last two months of 2018, and get 2019 off to a strong start?

And, crucially, can the next big upcoming hard fork of a cryptocurrency go better than the last.

The last one, of course, was the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, that led to hash rate battles, and was the catalyst for the hefty losses the market has experienced since the middle of November.

However, the next one is expected to go a lot better. In fact, watchers of Ethereum was increasingly confident that very good days lie ahead.

It’s expected that in the middle of January, the long-awaited hard fork of Ethereum will take place. It’s going by the name of Constantinople, and if all goes to plan, it’ll speed up the Ethereum network, increasing its efficiency and also making it more economic. It’s set to be a major upgrade for the network, and one that’s been broadly welcomed. Albeit with a note of caution, given just how hard forks can go wrong.

Still, there’s a feeling that Ethereum is now well position for a sizeable price boost in January, both ahead of and after the debut of the hard fork. It’s likely that the majority of the community will follow the fork, although there will still be Ethereum Classic (ETC) in existence once it’s complete. That may yet be the home for some loyalists, and it does add a little confusion to the market.

Yet there’s far more confidence here than pessimism thus far. And already, Constantinople is set to be one of the biggest crypto stories of early 2019…

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