Roger Ver: cryptocurrency’s future is brighter than ever

Roger Ver – ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ – is very positive for the future of crypto…

Roger Ver, the man often referred to as Bitcoin Jesus, has been chatting again about the future of cryptocurrencies. In the midst of a market that could best be described as challenging, Ver has, perhaps unsurprisingly, come out extremely positively.

He was chatting to Bloomberg in a new interview, and his reading of the current market is warm. What’s more, when asked about the future of crypto, he declared that “nobody knows, that’s part of the excitement of cryptocurrency. Nobody knows if it’s going to up, down or sideways in the short term”.

The last month of the market has seen it go down, and at great speed of course. The price of pretty much every cryptocurrency has crashed, and crashed hard. But Ver is very much a man of the long term, and along with many longer-term crypto investors, he’s not panicking.

“I am a fundamentals investor so I am investing in fundamentals, long term the future is brighter than ever”, Ver insisted. “There is more awareness, there is more adoption and other amazing stuff happening all over the world. so of course I’m incredibly bullish on the entire cryptocoin ecosystem”.

As things stand, the price of the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, remains below the $4000 mark, and some long term investors have been abandoning their positions as a consequence. That said, Roger Ver is very much not one of them. He’s continuing to HODL, and he’s likely to for some time to come.

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