Institutions Poised to take Crypto Seriously in 2019

Institutions are starting to take the crypto opportunity seriously and recognise that digital asset trading is here to stay.

Swiss-based Market Synergy is well placed to help the bigger hedge fund names to quietly dip their toes into crypto.  The organisation provides institutional clients with a secure, robust network for cryptocurrency trading. Its Meet-Me-Rooms (MMR) provide centralised sources of cryptocurrency connectivity to exchanges, banks, brokers and hedge funds.

Banister comments, “As the right conditions develop, key hedge funds are asking for crypto trading and will get involved as long as the right regulatory environment, systems and control processes exist. Since announcing our partnership with Bitfinex – which enables hedge funds, institutional firms and professional traders to connect to Bitfinex through Market Synergy, we have seen early adopter hedge funds getting involved and expect this update to be a catalyst for crypto growth in the institutional market in 2019.”

With Bitfinex – the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, there’s now an exchange that has the institutional calibre infrastructure and ability to connect institutions professionally through a FIX feed. This will help to drive the volume requirements that larger institutions need to trade crypto and establish how they can benefit from price movements.

As the demand for cryptocurrency trading gathers momentum, Market Synergy provides an essential offering to enable access to dedicated, institutional standard cryptocurrency connectivity to Bitfinex. With access to Points of Presence (POPs) in LD4 (London), NY4 (New York) and ZH4 (Zurich), clients can access an ecoworld that provides a single point of entry to market participants on a global scale. Market Synergy’s infrastructure, which is hosted in a Swiss data centre in the heart of Crypto Valley, is highly secure, reliable and supported 24×7.

“Everything bodes well for an extremely interesting 2019. The components are all coming together, the right connectivity, the right institutions getting involved and there is now the ability to bring deeper liquidity to this market. With all these elements the market can grow and thrive in an extremely professional way,” concludes Banister.

Contributed article by James Banister, chief executive, Market Synergy

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