Crypto-artist sells ‘Who’s Satoshi’ series via decentralized exchange for BTC

If you want to spend your bitcoins on some genuine crypto-centric art, it may be worth heading over to OpenBazaar.

Yesterday, French artist Pascal Boyart took to Reddit to show of the second of a (currently) three-part series of works he calls ‘Who’s Satoshi?’

The picture, which uses genuine US dollars to create a portrait of the late cryptographer Hal Finney stood alongside two other works in the same style shown at a recent exhibition in Paris celebrating the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin. Part one of the series depicts Dorian Nakamoto, the man infamously ‘exposed’ by Newsweek as being the creator of Bitcoin back in 2013; the other Nick Szabo, a computer scientist, pre-millennium proposer of a digital currency he called ‘Bit Gold’ and the man generally acknowledged as the inventor of the smart contracts concept.

As visitors to the Reddit thread where the artist showed off his work pointed out, however, Craig Wright – the self proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto behind the acrimonious Bitcoin Cash fork due tomorrow, does not get a work of art showing him. Boyart demurred from commenting on who he personally thinks is Satoshi, though.

While the Nakamoto picture has already been sold, the Finney and Szabo works are currently on sale via the decentralised marketplace, OpenBazaar – a project overseen by recent CNR interviewee, Brian Hoffman. The asking price for the portraits is currently BTC0.81273355, around $5,000 and £3,800. Nakamoto, according to the artist himself – who maintains a level of anonymity, a la Banksy – sold for around $6,000 recently, via another auction site, Bitify.

Also part of Boyart’s stall on Open Bazaar are his so-called ‘Dripcoin’ pontillist takes on the logos for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and ZCash – either individually or as a group – as well as 19th Century poster-style reproductions of Nakamoto’s Bitcoin Whitepaper of 2008, and Timothy C. May’s seminal Crypto Anarchist Manifesto of 20 years previous.

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