Survey Results Are In: 61% of Americans to Buy Crypto in 2022

According to numbers published by cryptocurrency platform Voyager Digital, over two-thirds of Americans are enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies, expecting it will rise significantly in the year ahead.

While the cryptocurrency industry shows worldwide growth in popularity and interest, Americans are also bullish on the era of cryptocurrencies. Voyager Digital conducted the first annual Crypto Confidence Survey, the findings of which show what exactly do Americans believe that the crypto market has in store for the new year. 

The report has a lot of positive feedback. According to the results of the survey, almost two-thirds of the survey participants claimed that they are cryptocurrency bulls. 61% of said participants answered that they want to buy cryptocurrencies in 2022. 

Though the actual number of participants was not revealed by Voyager, the outcome of the survey indicates a surge in the percentage relative to the previous survey which listed only 27% of Americans that intended to invest in cryptocurrencies in the previous year.  

In addition, participants favored purchasing cryptocurrencies over mutual funds, flying, buying a new automobile, buying real estate, and establishing a romantic relationship, according to survey results.

The survey also inquired about educating young people on cryptocurrencies and the results were positively thrilling. While 66% of respondents stated that they would have teenagers or preteens learn about cryptocurrencies in high school or even before, 33% said that middle school or earlier would be the perfect time to educate younger generations on cryptocurrencies. 

Moreover, many people are eager to invest more money if they have a better grasp of cryptocurrencies. Half of the participants said they would invest more money in crypto if they had a better understanding of it.

In 2021, 63% of respondents said they are interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies or want to make acquisitions. The respondents defined themselves as crypto-curious, claiming that they do not have cryptocurrency holdings but are prepared to learn about it and maybe buy it in the future.

In a November study of American adults, 16 % said they had invested, traded, or used cryptocurrencies in some way. Statistics reveal that 27 million Americans possess cryptocurrencies at the time.

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