PayPal May Integrate Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Amid Plans to Unveil Cryptocurrency Trading in the United Kingdom

PayPal has set its sights on expanding its crypto operations in the UK market.

Reportedly, cryptocurrency trade has been quite lucrative for PayPal for the second period, thus prompting the opportunity to offer crypto trade services in the United Kingdom, as confirmed by Dan Schulman, PayPal CEO.

The development of the cryptocurrency trading platform has been a gradual process, but PayPal is doing well considering the $100,000 increase in purchasing limit earlier this month. Additionally, banking integration is underway.

As per Schulman’s comments, Automated Clearing House or ACH is a service provided by PayPal that enables merchants to debit payments from buyers into their bank account, and banking integration will allow for full incorporation of ACH and for payments to be processed even faster than they already are.

Venmo which is owned by PayPal provided cryptocurrency trading to more than 70 million users as of April 2021, and since a multitude of crypto trades are being carried out through the firm, an increase of 183% in revenues over the years has surged.

Moreover, talks over DeFi have been confirmed by Dan Schulman who asserted that the platform wants to incorporate decentralized finance as well as smart contracts into devising the next-gen future financial system. Talks regarding the meetings between Uniswap and PayPal among other financial tech companies triggered the remarks on DeFi plans.

The debut of PayPal’s super app is nearing, and this app will provide a multitude of benefits like access to direct deposit funds, chat and messaging capacities, high yield savings, and also added cryptocurrency functions.

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