Opera Crypto Users To Instantly Create NFTs

Opera, one of the most used browsers, just announced they are planning to allow users to create and mint NFTs directly from their platform. As per this news, Opera is the first browser company to offer such a service. Normally, Opera is a leader when it comes to Web 3 and Web 3 browsing. Until today, they implemented several new methods and features to make the users’ experience more pleasing.

One of the executives at Opera, Susie Batt, informed the public about the current situation. According to Batt, such improvements will strengthen the position and increase the contribution to Web 3. This statement was followed by a tweet from Opera Crypto where the company claimed that they are working tirelessly to decrease the gap between Web 2 and Web 3.

As the tweet suggests, this browser made this possible through a partnership with Alteon. This partnership indirectly made Opera Crypto one of the favorite platforms for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. For your information, Alteon.io is a content management system that is stretching to Web 3 through Alteon Launchpad. The Alteon LaunchPad will be one of the main tools provided by Alteon to Opera and by Opera to you.

Opera Crypto Web 3 History

Opera Crypto browser has been in the Web 3 sector for not such a long time. This browser made its debut the day the CEO of Opera began understanding the potential of Web 3. Ever since its debut, Opera Crypto has been working towards building new partnerships and attracting new customers. Through giveaways, this browser is keeping its current followers engaged while being super careful with the followers its Twitter account has. However, this does not mean that Crypto Opera is the best. This browser is very young and we have to wait for some more months to conclude whether it is as good as it promises to be.

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