Oil Giant Shell To Bring Solutions For Bitcoin Mining

One of the largest energy companies, Shell, has agreed to sponsor Bitcoin magazine for two ongoing years in Bitcoin mining. 

As a result, Shell will be able to exhibit its revolutionary cooling techniques for the Bitcoin mining industry at the next Bitcoin Conference.

Darin Gonzalez, Manager of Shell Lubricants’ US Immersion Cooling, said:

“Shell Lubricants is committed to providing customers with carbon reduction alternatives, and one of the most important benefits of immersion cooling fluid is sustainability and renewable energy.” 

Therefore, Shell’s main objectives are to cut carbon emissions through sustainable solutions and lower the electricity cost used for Bitcoin mining by using internal resources.

Gonzalez continued by saying:

“As part of an integrated energy solution, Shell Immersion Cooling Fluid S5 X is designed to reduce energy costs and emissions through its high cooling efficiency, flow behavior, and excellent thermodynamic properties.”

Moreover, Shell states its intention to adopt more immersion cooling methods to power its data centers as early as last August. 

According to them, data centers like those mining Bitcoin use approximately 1% of the world’s energy. 

The CEO of Bitcoin Magazine, David Bailey, goes on to say:

“Having an energy giant like Shell enter the Bitcoin mining space is a big win for Bitcoin. The trend of companies realizing Bitcoin’s impact on their business will only grow. Shell is just one of the many big-name companies you will see implement a Bitcoin strategy in the next few years, and we’re confident they will be welcomed with open arms at the Bitcoin Conference.”

The next Bitcoin Conference is scheduled for May 2023 in Miami, USA.

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