Japan’s Toda City Using Metaverse To Reduce Student Absences

Japan’s Toda City Using Metaverse To Reduce Student Absences

The metaverse is starting to be used in therapeutic and educational procedures. Using resources from the metaverse, Toda City in Japan is now tackling the issue of student absences from class. The kids, who are alleged to have attendance issues at school, are using a program developed by an NGO last year with the intention of allowing them to explore virtual worlds.

The kids may visit a virtual university and take virtual lessons in this digital realm to be ready for returning to regular classes. At least, this is the goal of city authorities, who have also suggested that if the principal agrees, these metaverse sessions might be counted as regular school hours.

It is simpler to relate to and interact with people online than in the real world, according to a fifth grader who has over two years of experience. The director of the city’s education center, Sugimori Masayuki, dreams of the day when participants in this program may live on their own. 

In Japan, absence from school is becoming a significant issue. According to a recent poll by the Japanese education ministry, 244,940 children missed at least 30 days of school in 2021. According to officials, this may be connected to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affected how kids interact.

The metaverse has gained support from several educational institutions from various fields as a tool for instruction. The University of Tokyo declared in July that later this year, it will begin providing a number of engineering courses in the metaverse. One of the nation’s first metaverse majors will be established in China at the University of Nanjing, which would prepare students for apparently professions relating to the metaverse.

Ten American universities said in September that they had begun building their virtual campuses with Meta’s assistance as part of its $150 million immersive learning initiative. 

To reach students who are unable to attend conventional sessions, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology also reported in July about the establishment of a metaverse campus. 

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