Gate US: A New, Compliance-Centric Crypto Exchange Offering an Alternative Option for Investors in the U.S.


Over the last few years, the United States digital asset exchange landscape has been dominated by a handful of large players that emerged through several consolidations. This has been driven primarily by the scale advantages of large players to outperform competitors in key purchasing criteria. However, the tides are now changing as the fall of FTX has made security a top concern among investors and spurred the need for greater regulation, likely leading to more market fragmentation.

A fresh option for US retail and institutional investors emerges

Gate US, a new exchange entering the market, announced that it’s gearing up for launch in the U.S. after obtaining several state licenses and approvals. Set for 2023, it will provide Stateside retail and institutional users with a new platform to exchange, store, and trade in digital assets. Gate US’s management team has decades of combined operational experience in the digital asset industry led by its president, Dr. Lin Han, who has successfully owned and operated digital asset exchanges around the world for nearly a decade.

“The U.S. crypto market is the most dominant in the world with huge growth potential. For Gate US, we hold security and compliance as our serving purpose and key commitment to users. We are proud and excited to deliver our secure and professional crypto asset services to the U.S. market very soon,” said Dr. Han.

To tackle the market, Gate US will offer its services to users of all types, providing an easy-to-navigate platform for everyday users while also presenting robust trading functionalities and high liquidity for advanced users. In addition, it will offer a suite of comprehensive trading tools and services customized for the United States market and built on advanced security systems and processes. In addition to this, the investors withdraw liquidity from exchanges like, which has a positive effect on the Ethereum price.

Compliance, trust, and security are the top priority

As the demand for trustworthy and comprehensive trading services increases in the wake of the FTX collapse, Gate US is looking to fill the void after obtaining several licenses and approvals, with plans to become authorized to operate in more US states before commencing services in 2023.

According to Dr. Han, Gate US is “expanding its local operations team to ensure services are compliant and customized to the U.S. market, in addition to reinforcing our capacity to bridge new partnerships to enhance offerings.” Gate US has embraced regulations as it enters new states and expanded its compliance teams to meet both current and anticipated cryptocurrency regulations. This approach is critical for the exchange to guarantee legal compliance and continuous service in the present and future for the benefit of users.

Gate US will also provide an excellent option for security-conscious users that seek an alternative trading platform to meet their investing needs. According to Dr. Han, Gate US holds itself to a high standard for protecting user assets and data and has committed to a multifaceted security approach from launch.

On top of strict security protections for users, data and assets, the exchange will implement third-party audited proof of reserves with Merkle tree verification from the outset. This technology improves public confidence and transparency by enabling users to verify that an exchange holds all of their account balances, providing greater guarantees of asset availability in the event of a crowded withdrawal.

With compliance and security at the forefront of its expansion strategy and a suite of comprehensive trading tools and services aimed at the U.S. market, Gate US is primed to become the leading United States crypto exchange. This comes at a time when Americans call for alternatives to exchanges currently operating in the United States, with security, regulation and compliance being top concerns.

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