Former FTX employee, Dani Cloud, Breaks Down What Was Happening Inside FTX From Peak To Fall 

TH3LAB PODCAST, hosted by Quay, Q, and Josh, had Dani Cloud, a former FTX employee featuring their latest podcast. 

In the podcast, Dani Cloud shared her experience working at FTX under Sam Bankman-Fried and her time in the Bahamas.

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Dani talked about her first impressions of FTX when she started working there more than a year ago, including the sense that something was “weird” and “cult-like.” 

She details the executive team’s luxurious life, including multimillion-dollar residences, house parties with special chefs, and round-the-clock food at the Bahamas office.

Dani chose to work in compliance at FTX US despite having a background in marketing with the intention of eventually transitioning back into it. As a native of Chicago’s inner city, she talks about the inefficiencies of the company’s operations and the seductive impact of seeing so much money in one area.

She mentions that as an employee, she had perks “They offer me 10K more than the other company, and this was great. Plus, one of their perks was free healthcare and $200 a day for DoorDash, which rounded to like an extra $75,000.” 

The company psychiatrist was engaged to assist with the “amphetamine dependency” of the staff, and Dani also tells the story of her encounter with him. 

She also talks about the company’s inability to fulfill its promise to offer 100 ex-offenders in Chicago no charge bank accounts and guaranteed monthly income.

The podcast was eye-opening and brought a different perspective from someone who worked there. 

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