Bitcoin exchange boss arrested, set to face money laundering charges

Vlad Nistor is heading from Romania to America – and not by choice…

The US government is continuing its crackdown on fraudulent cryptocurrency activities – and this time it’s called in some help from Romanian authorities.

Vlad Nistor is the CEO of Romanian cryptocurrency exchange CoinFlux, and at the behest of American authorities, he has now been arrested by Romanian officials. Now, he awaits extradition to the US, where he’s set to face a range of changes that cover fraud, money laundering, computer fraud and maybe more.

According to Romanian news outlets, the extradition is set to happen quickly, and Nistor could be on his way to the US even by the time you read these words.

It seems this is a relatively sudden move, too. Just last week, Vlad Nistor was appearing on Romanian radio to chat about cryptocurrency and the CoinFlux exchange. Here’s a Tweet from the official CoinFlux account, announcing his appearance.

CoinFlux is hardly a major player on the cryptocurrency stage, but it is one that’s been going for a few years. It recently celebrated its third birthday, although its trading volume is very much on the low side.

Nonetheless, it’s come to the attention of authorities, and we should get some clarity on just what Nistor is set to be charged with over the coming days. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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