John McAfee vows to include “as much of the cryptocurrency world as I can” in his US Presidential bid

John McAfee is running for US President in 2020 – not that he actually wants the job…

John McAfee has been chatting a little more about his plans to run again to be President of the United States, after announcing his intention to do so last month. He’s putting himself forward as a candidate for the 2020 election, and whilst he doesn’t expect to win (nor does he want to), he will be putting cryptocurrency firmly at the heart of his campaign.

In a new post to his Twitter feed, McAfee has addressed how his run for President can help the cryptocurrency community.

“I’ll be including as much of the cryptocurrency world as I can into the political process”, he explained.

He cited two specific examples of things he’d want to use. Firstly, the blockchain-backed ClearPoll project, to allow for voting free of manipulation. And secondly, when it comes to health, he pushed the medical token currency Docademic, that aims to provide free basic healthcare throughout the world.

“See how the run for President itself, not being President, but the run for it, the media platform, the stage, can help us all”, he explained.

McAfee is a controversial figure, something that’s not got in the way of people ascending to President in recent times. He’s also a figure with a platform and profile that, via his Presidential run, can shine a light on a number of different coins and blockchain projects.

Lest you were in any doubt about whether he wants to win, here’s his Tweet clarifying matters…

We’ll keep you posted as his campaign progresses.

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