Investx launches ‘ethical ICO’ with advisor from Holo

Investx has launched an initial coin offering (ICO) in line with the Holo’s ethical ICO model, which aims to reduce risk for investors and extend the life of token value.

The first ethical ICO was completed back in April by Holo, raising $20 million. The firm’s director David Atkinson has now joined Investx as an advisor in order to aid the development of its new funding round.

Peter Edgar, CEO of Investx, said: “Investx is an established business of many years, we wanted to differentiate our ICO by openly committing to ethical ICO principles. These are steps we’ve taken to stabilise the token, lay foundations for future growth, and commit to transparency that holds us accountable to token holders.

“With David Atkinson’s experience as one of Holo’s architects, we’ve been able to transfer the hugely successful and well regarded Holo ethical ICO model to our own token sale. Together, we’ve created a blueprint for future ICOs that wish to be held to similar standards.”

The key features of Investx’s ethical ICO are a sustainable token supply that meets demand, a fiat reserve account to reduce volatility, and company shares set aside for the investment community.

“ICO investors are looking for something extra these days – honesty, openness accountability and moderation,” said David Atkinson, director of Holo and advisor to Investx. “When we conceived the ethical ICO model for Holo, it was about giving investors assurances that we would keep to these principles. As a result, we have built a strong community which has backed Holo and Holochain for long-term success.

“With Investx, we have evolved these ethical principles, and the tokenomics design is cutting-edge. It’s a fantastic project which will open up a new class of asset-backed crowdfunding. Investors can rest assured that with the ethical ICO model, Investx is going to build a strong community for long-term success just like Holo.”

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