Tron (TRX) Vs. Ethereum (ETH): TRX Single-Day Transfer Volume Surpassed The One Of ETH By 49 Times, Reports Justin Sun

The Tron Foundation just took to Twitter to release their weekly report on the work that they have been covering during the past week.

This detailed report highlighted tech developments, community activities and also partnerships that have been made in the Tron ecosystem.

Market transactions

Regarding the market transactions of the Tron foundation, on September 29, Tron live stream updates viewers on the progress of the technical application of Tron.

Statistics reported two essential things regarding the two core indexes; the account number and the transfer volume.

Tron MainNet accounts reached 399,718; the peak number of single-day transfer volume hit 440,135, and the average daily transfer volume was 146,041.

Technical developments

Regarding the tech developments made by the foundation, there was an anonymous transaction scheme that has been implemented on the Tron wallet.

This structure has been updated by enhancing the performance of the in-memory databases.

The update also includes a regulated exception handling and organized log specs.

It’s also important to note that the work in progress includes changes in the consensus protocol, resource delegation, resource ceiling, and dynamic change.

Community activities in the Tron Foundation

The activities include the Japanese social media giant LINE which launched its own crypto LINK.

More than that on October 15, the FCC released Coinwar, a market forecasting DApp on the Tron Mainnet.

The FCC team is also optimizing the product with more language versions.

Tron vs. Ethereum

Comparing the two during the same period after launch, Tron’s account number was 13 times the one of Ethereum, and the peak number of single-day transfer volume was 49 times the one of Ethereum.

The average daily transfer volume was 29 times that of Ethereum.

Another highly significant achievement was Tron’s announcement that it starts working with Chinese IT giant Baidu.

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