Tron (TRX) Reaches Institutional Investors As BitGo Plans Support – The Community Debates A Confusion Triggered By Tron And BTT

The Tron community has something to celebrate these days.

The institutional grade crypto investment services company BitGo has just brought Tron (TRX) closer to institutional investors.

Tron (TRX) to reach institutional investors

BitGo is reportedly the largest processor of on-chain BTC transactions in the world.

They process about 15% of all the global transactions and $15 billion worth of crypto per month.

More than that, the company’s wallet services has over $2 billion in assets under management.

They will provide wallet and custody support for TRX, as reported by a press release that has been shared recently with Cointelegraph.

They revealed that BitGo would be adding support sometime later this year and it will make the token available for institutional investors.

TRX will be joining 100 cryptos which are already being currently supported by BitGo.

Sun’s announcement triggered a debate

Tron’s CEO Justin Sun made the announcement on Twiter and proudly told his followers that Tron is making some pretty big moves, advancing on its way to becoming more accessible to institutional investors.

Sun managed to trigger much excitement which his tweet, but not everyone seemed happy because some users are obviously affected by the price of TRX.

Someone said “Unfortunately we’re not making the same advances price-wise lately. TRX has been the poorest performing asset in the top 10 in this latest bullish move. And speaking of top 10, we moved to 9 and are close to being pushed down to 10 by Mr. CZ. Long way to no 4 it would seem.”

The same person continued and said “It went up great since Jan, but now it seems stuck. Hopefully, it’ll move soon. And it’s fine with all the progress but ain’t no institutions touching TRX or any crypto for a long time to come! Next: the SEC crackdown.”

Someone else noted that “Right now investors are confused on Tron in relation to BTT which both are of huge billions,” and the previous commenter responded: “I agree that ppl are hesitant (myself included) in investing in it at the moment. This BTT thing can go both ways. Also, the BTT money grab + ICO without registering with the SEC is bound to give a reaction from them, And then it, of course, all depends on the price action of BTC.”

You can check out Sun’s post and the commenters’ opinions by heading over to Twitter.

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