Tron (TRX) Blockchain Recorded Over 1 Million User Accounts In Less Than A Year, Official Data Reports

Tron (TRX) Blockchain Recorded Over 1 Million User Accounts In Less Than A Year, Official Data Reports

Tron had an extremely successful 2018.

Tron’s founder, Justin Sun is more than a visionary leader; he’s also an achiever.

The latest released data shows that the Tron network was able to surpass one million user accounts in less than one year since Tron launched its mainnet.

This came in the middle of the criticisms that both Tron and Ethereum founders have been throwing at one another.

Sun asks developers to migrate to the Tron’s network

Tron has been urging developers at Ethereum who are almost losing their investment due to the downtrend in the ETH’s price to migrate to Tron’s network.

The latest data was provided by one of the co-founders of, Misha Lederman on Twitter.

Now, it’s officially confirmed that the Tron network managed to surpass one million accounts.

This is some really great news for the Tron community after it has launched some top gaming and entertaining applications in Tron’s decentralized applications blockchain like the Tronbet which attracted more users to the Tron train and enhanced the number of transactions on the platform.

More developers are using the Tron blockchain mostly due to the incentives that the Tron Foundation offers to benefit both the TRX coin and the developers as well.

This can also trigger new attacks made by Sun to Ethereum which is seen as its main competitor.

The rate at which Tron hit this milestone is higher compared to the one of Ethereum

Misha said that the rate at which the Tron blockchain hit this milestone is higher than the one of its rival. Here are Misha’s own words:

“#TRON reached 1 million accounts on Dec 23, in 184 days or 6 months since #TRX Mainnet Launch In comparison, #Ethereum reached 1 million accounts on Jan 22, in 542 days or 18 months since #ETH Mainnet Launch Let that sink in for a moment…”

Ethereum’s supports strongly believe that Tron could not boast this achievement because the market is now more favorable than when Ethereum was created, and the comparison is not fair.

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