Tron Attracts Higher Interest From Developers – A New Game Joins Tron Arcade

In 2018, Justin Sun invited developers on Ethereum to move their apps to the Tron network, and it seems that Tron’s founder’s words have been heard.

Tron is gathering more and more attention from developers who are working on the Ethereum network, and the latest event is here to prove it.

EtherGoo becomes TronGoo

EtherGoo used to be an Ethereum-based game, but now, it will be running on the Tron network, and it will also be changing its name to TronGoo.

The announcement was made public via a blog post a couple of days ago.

The game works by allowing players to get Goo. They can either produce it or steal it from other players in the game.

This can be used in order to purchase barracks and production units. The game’s strategy is not hard at all: the production units can increase the daily Goo for players, while the barracks units can be used to defend and attack.

The exciting part is that players have the opportunity to earn TRX while taking part in the game.

As you might have guessed, the TRX that a player can earn are related to the Goo that the player gathers.

Tron awaits developers with open arms

“The TRON network and the TRON Arcade fund will always welcome developers with open arms. We’re confident that working together will allow our technology and communities to fuel the next wave of innovation and adoption.”

The number of dApps has been growing in the past years, but the number of users has been still low.

Regardless, Tron managed to surpass Ethereum in the number of daily transactions and active users.

One of the main goals that Tron has involves mainstream adoption of crypto and the blockchain tech.

Justin Sun’s goals for 2019 are bold, but according to the achievements that the Tron Foundation was able to achieve in 2018, Tron enthusiasts are confident that his goals will be reached once more.

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