TokenPay (TPAY) Set To Launch 6 Products In Q1 2019: eFin Exchange, CryptoBet, TokenGaming, eSport

TokenPay (TPAY), a partner of Litecoin (TPAY) and Verge (XVG), has pegged six mighty products for launch in Q1 2019.

The blockchain platform, said it plans to launch eFin Exchange, a critical secure, decentralized, private and “unhackable” trading hub of the TokenPay ecosystem. eFin,  before launch has announced it is including trading for Verge (XVG), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP) and some digital currencies.

Aside the tenable fact that eFin Exchange has a cryptocurrency that runs on its own blockchain with a modern codebase fashioned for facilitating private financial transactions, the platform works in line with the aim of crypto that is why it has a “No KYC” policy and protects users with Tor network.

When the exchange finally launches, TokenPay CEO Derek Capo says eFin will give away 200,000,000 coins as an incentive to use a DEX vs. a Centralized exchange.

Also, TokenPay aims to launch CryptoBet in the same Q1 2019. The platform, a licensed Crypto gambling site with outstanding features, will come live in 2019.

In the same line, TokenPay is launching TokenGaming, an aggregator gambling website where people can start their own casino. Not that alone, the cryptocurrency platform is also launching, a Crypto-driven eSports betting platform powered by TokenPay.

Before Q1 2019 ends, TokenPay says it is also launching its mobile Pro Wallet and TokenPay Enterprise Merchant platform.

“Q1 2019 we launch @efinexchange @CryptoBetBGN @TokenGamingBGN @eSportsBGN the $TPAY Mobile Pro Wallet for iOS and Android #TokenPay Enterprise Merchant Platform and the new #Blockchain Explorer. It will be the defining quarter for #TPAY. Have a Merry Xmas.”

When these platforms centered on bringing about global mass adoption are finally launched, there is no doubt that the value of TokenPay will increase in the crypto community.

The advent of TokenPay is bringing myriads of development into the cryptocurrency community, one very noticeable one is the wedging of crypto to banks after the platform acquired a stake in Germany’s WEG Banks.

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