The Crystal Ball for Cryptocurrency 2019: What You Can Expect to See

Crypto has had an interesting year in 2018, and things look even more exciting for the future. With a growing interest in these currencies and new ways of using them developing at the same time, the future appears to be wide open. Yet, there are some near-certainties about what to expect out of crypto in the following year, and we’re giving you the low down!

Bitcoin Will Recover from its Lows

The news has made a big deal out of the volatility of the Bitcoin market, especially in recent months. Earlier in the year, it experienced a massive growth that triggered all sorts of interest in the digital currency. Of course, too much of a good thing pushed the market and triggered selloffs that dropped the price and caused the media to malign the currency. Next year, it appears as though Bitcoin is poised to make a remarkable recovery and even gain strength as interest continues to grow. Basically, make sure that you are looking after your Bitcoin and watch as those valleys turn into peaks again.

Crypto’s Potency will Increase in Online Dating

Digital currencies are infiltrating just about every kind of online business that you can think of and they’re making big pushes in different industries. One place that crypto has become a mainstay is the realm of online dating. Not only are common coins like Bitcoin starting to be an accepted currency on the websites, new currencies just for online dating are becoming common as well.

There are numerous reasons that people enjoy these currencies so much for dating sites. For example, people love that they can bring a degree of accountability and transparency into their dates. That way, if you’re engaged with an international chat on a site backed by crypto there’s a way for you to have a degree of confidence that the person is who they say they are, something you can’t always get otherwise. Although the reasons for crypto’s value in dating are numerous, the fact is that it will always be worthwhile.

International Governments Will Make Their Intentions Known

One of the things that have kept crypto investors up at night in recent months is trying to determine what their local governments are going to do about the “crypto problem.” Having a decentralized currency that is actually experiencing growth and success doesn’t spell good times for governments that thrive on regulations and taxation.

In the coming year, you can expect that governments will begin to take a more potent stance on their view of cryptocurrencies. Either they will demand that they are to be reined in or banned in certain areas, or they will declare that they are legally beyond their grasp. Many places seem to be opting towards the latter, but expect governments to take a more definitive stance next year.

Crypto’s Mainstream Acceptance will Continue

For a few months, Bitcoin was all that anyone in the markets could talk about. A short while after Bitcoin appeared on the radar, you could use Bitcoin to make purchases on everything from food to transportation services. Crytpocurrencies went mainstream, and more people are suing them than ever before. Don’t expect retirees to become familiar with this new currency, but younger generations are adopting it for all sorts of reasons. In 2019, you’ll see crypto as an accepted form of payment in more places and in market conversations as a serious currency.

All in all, 2019 is going to be a big year for cryptocurrencies. More and more people are using Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and even specific coins for dating sites as a way to utilize a decentralized currency for various purposes. Recovery, growth, and novel means of use are just some of the things that are likely to appear in 2019, so make sure your crypto portfolio is ready as well.

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