Software Solution Provider TAS Teams Up With Ripple To Overcome Payment Related-Issues – XRP Liquidity Is Boosted

Ripple adds another essential name on its long partnership list. Ripple joins forces with the software solution provider TAS.

Their official website confirmed the partnership, announcing “Ripple is coming.. and TAS is ready!”

TAS is working with a few commercial and central banks across Europe and more parts of the world.

They are also the principal broker-dealer of the Global Fortune 500, and the company has its Financial Services centers in Europe.

TAS is the most significant payments carrier in Europe

They also service 150 clients across the globe and manage more than 100 million cards on a global scale.

Dieter Schoene, the managing director of TAS in Germany stated that “We have been actively monitoring the blockchain market developments from the beginning, years ago, being the first Italian vendor to implement in 2014 a Ripple driver in our interbank payments hub allowing Banks to pilot and evaluate the Ripple value proposition for cross-border real-time payment transactions”

The TAS Group explains in which way the existing payment systems are inefficient.

The issues include fees, lack of visibility, settlement times, failure points and so on.

XRP liquidity is boosted

Ripple has been enjoying various important partnerships, and their native digital asset XRP is gaining more traction.

XRP liquidity is boosted as the crypto made its way to a payment platform, wallets, exchanges, and a lending provider, as you can see in this tweet below.

Recently in an interview with Bloomberg, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse highlighted that XRP is 1,000 times faster and cheaper than Bitcoin and overall it can be a really useful commodity which is appreciated mainly because of its various real-world use cases and the problems that it’s able to solve.

XRP has the ability to solve real-world problems such as the ones related to cross-border transactions.

Ripple is selling these technologies to banks and financial institutions as well.

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