Ripple’s Digital Asset XRP Could Surge By 5,300% By The End Of 2019

Ripple’s achievements have been many in 2018 when the market was dominated by a bearish trend, and all cryptos fell.

For 2019, the forecast seems pretty optimistic for the overall market and XRP as well.

Bold predictions for XRP’s price in 2019

A very positive XRP price prediction has been made by Investing Haven.

The company’s prediction for the price of XRP is that by the end of 2019, XRP will surge by 5,300% reaching the $20 level.

This might seem a bit unrealistic for most other financial markets and for traditional financial assets such as stocks and bonds.

Investing Haven provides some arguments to support this quite bold prediction for the price of Ripple’s coin.

“Ripple is the Blockchain or crypto company with the highest potential in the world,” they note.

Supporting elements of such a huge surge

There are a few elements that could support this massive Ripple potential in the crypto market, according to Investing Haven.

First of all, there’s a massive number of important institutional companies and banks that will be entering the crypto market. And some of these include Goldman Sachs, NASDAQ, Fidelity and more.

They also bring up Ripple’s product that’s powered by XRP, xRapid.

“The potential of xRapid can be illustrated by this recent announcement of the partnership between Fleetcor and Ripple. Fleetcor, a $19 billion payment services firm in the US, announced earlier this year they are piloting with Ripple’s xRapid software,” they write.

Investing Haven also says that the potential of the remittance payments markets is enormous.

They use as an example the fact that the total global payments are close to $600 billion on a yearly basis and the fees that are associated with them are about $30 billion per year.

The website’s Ripple forecast for 2019 is quite a bullish one, and we strongly recommend that you head over to their article and see all the details and data that they are using to make these bold claims.

Such predictions come right after another bullish forecast surfaced, involving XRP’s price in ten years from now.

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