Ripple Transactions: $755 Million In XRP, Moved In 4 Seconds With Fees Lower Than 1 Cent; XRP Price Predictions For 2019

As expected, Ripple and their digital asset, XRP kick off the new year in style.

They moved massive amounts of XRP, and the best thing is that the transactions flaunt significantly low fees.

Whale watchers have been tracking a series of large transactions which had really low fees.

The transactions were completed in 4 seconds with tiny fees

We’re referring at around 2,133,569,088 XRP worth roughly $755,702,929 has been transferred.

Each and every one of these transactions took four seconds to be completed, and the fees combined were less than 1 cent which is pretty amazing.

Twitter’s Whale Alert reported that most of XRP seem to be Ripple itself shifting funds into escrow.

As you know, the company behind the digital asset owns about 60% of the total supply of XRP and the majority is locked in escrow.

Other transactions seemed to be Ripple moving XRP to its OTC distribution wallets.

It’s also important to remember that Ripple usually seels XRP to institutions via OTC deals.

These transactions come right after a busy December in which XRP was listed on more exchanges.

December was also a really busy month for the crypto exchange Coinbase. Before the end of 2018, Coinbase moved 5% of all BTC, 8% of all ETH and 25% of all LTC in existence in order to reorganize its assets and make sure that people’s funds are as secure as possible.

XRP price predictions for 2019

After looking at all the achievements that Ripple and XRP have been able to make during 2018 which was a difficult year for the crypto community and the market was flooded by a bearish trend, crypto experts are predicting a rise in price for XRP.

Smartereum brings up sources such as fxstreet,, investingpr.

The sources say that Ripple is continually adding new clients and a lot of financial institutions are using its protocol in order to transfer money from a part of the world to another.

Experts claim that XRP is now undervalued and the common prediction is that XRP will definitely be able to boost its market cap and value this year.

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