Ripple Kicks Off Multi-Million Dollar Push To Boost XRP And Mass Adoption

Ripple and XRP have been making headlines throughout 2018 which was not the best year for crypto, and they continue to do so.

The two entities are bagging more partnerships, achievements and the digital coin has been listed on various important exchanges, with the latest one being Coinbase.

Ripple has been making a lot of efforts to push the digital asset XRP towards the path of mass adoption.

Ripple has been making a lot of exciting moves lately and one of the most notable ones involves gaming.

XRP and mainstream gaming

Ripple’s investment arm Xpring and the blockchain gaming company Forte are gearing up for a $100 million fund that will bring blockchain gaming to the mainstream.

This fund will be managed by Forte, and it will be used in order to integrate the blockchain tech and XRP into existing games which boast more than 50k daily active users.

Forte’s platform is designed to give developers an easy way to integrate the blockchain tech in order to boost user engagement, enhance monetization and offer players complete control over their in-game assets.

Xpring keeps ramping up investments

Xpring continues its significant investments to boost the whole XRP ecosystem.

They also recently invested in Kava Labs which is developing an open payment system for crypto, and they’re also funding the Dharma Protocol which has the goal to create a crypto-based decentralized loan platform.

Ripple is also backing Raised in Space Enterprises which is a startup that’s planning to use crypto such as XRP to revive the music industry.

Another important investment that’s definitely worth mentioning is Xpring’s contribution to a new round of fundraising at SendFriend which will use xRapid to lower fees involves in cross-border transactions.

Ripple created Xpring back in May 2018 with the goal of offering investments and grants to entrepreneurs who will use the XRP digital asset and the XRP ledger.

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