Ripple And XRP Could Reportedly See A Boost To The Moon And Benefit Developing Countries

Ripple And XRP Could Reportedly See A Boost To The Moon And Benefit Developing Countries

Ripple and their digital asset, XRP’s future is seen as really bright by Takeshi Fujimaki, who is a former banker turned politician.

He’s also a representative of one of the largest opposition political party Nippon Ishin.

In a recent post on Twitter, the man expressed his views on digital assets, especially on Ripple and XRP.

He reportedly sent various tweets taking about how crypto-related experiments are conducted all over the world in order to improve the current payment/financial systems.

Using the XRP topology map

Fujimaki also used the XRP network topology map, and he mentioned the fact that the XRP nodes are spreading all over the world, according to AMBCrypto’s reports.

He said that their tech is advancing extremely fast and he recommends that Japan gets involved in this as soon as possible.

Here’s what he said: “The latest cryptographic asset-related technology has come so far. If we do not get involved in such advanced fields, Japan will be lagging…  saying “Japan’s technology is amazing” and Japan celebrating cash settlements is going to be left in the world more and more…”

He also said that the number of nodes that are present in Japan is really low compared to other countries and Japan is a hundred years behind.

“If the use of this XRP is representative of the use of cryptographic currency, then from this map it turns out that there is a possibility that the cryptographic currency will develop explosively in the future,” he said.

Ripple and XRP could benefit developing countries

He highlighted that cryptos such as XRP together with Ripple’s tech would be extremely beneficial for developing countries and also in the particular countries in which people are still unbaked.

Fujimaki concluded by saying that there are countries in the world which are already experimenting the development of specific solutions by including XRP and other cryptos in their payment solutions, and unfortunately Japan is still behind them because it’s not testing such things.

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