QashBack Tech Company Revolutionizes The Online Reviews Market With The World’s First Decentralized Reputation Management Platform

The online reviews market is about to change with the help of the innovative features of the blockchain technology.

QashBack is a Singapore-based tech company with the main aim of innovating the retail and services industries.

They plan to do this by building an incentivized reputation management platform. It will connect consumers, merchants, and advertisers, while at the same time providing transparency in interactions and high privacy.

With its plans, the QashBack platform will disrupt the online reviews market using the blockchain technology.

Rewarding users with QBK tokens

The QBK tokens are the ecosystem’s own coins, and they’ll be given to users for writing reviews.

Merchants will have the ability to offer QBKs as an incentive in order to raise interest from the part of consumers in participating in contests, viewing ads and taking up marketing promotions.

The blockchain tech will enable the acquisition of real and factual reviews. Authenticity is essential in such cases.

The transactions that will be made via the platform are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. They will be transparent, self-executing, and they won’t rely on a single third-party.

It’s also important to mention that they won’t be able to get edited or removed.

Target markets

QashBack’s target markets include Wellness/Beauty, Healthcare, Transit, Shopping, Food & Beverage, Travel, Entertainment and Education within the Southeast Asian region.

The tech startup also teamed up with Oriental Mace Group Berhad to tap on its mobile app, MyBeauty.

The great thing is that this is supported by the Malaysian government as a part of their national tourism strategy. This is a portal which includes more than 1,000 beauty service providers in Malaysia.

The QashBack platform will be integrated with the application, and the merchants and users will transact in QBK tokens. Users will also get rewarded for writing reviews and viewing ads.

QBK token sale

According to the official press release, the estimated receipts per year will be $18 billion and will generate sustainable and high demand for the QBK tokens.

One hundred million tokens have been made available back in December 2018.

The opening value for the token will be $0.40, and the Token Generation Event is set to raise $36 million. The private sales which were launched in July 2018 raised $14 million. Contributors included institutional backers and high net-worth people.

Listings on important exchanges

All the funds will be used to support QashBack’s ecosystem the QBK token is listed on UDAX Hong Kong exchange, and crypto enthusiasts can begin trade.

During the Q2 and Q3 of 2019, the company aims to list its token on other important exchanges such as Coinsuper, Dobi Trade, Upbit, and LAToken.

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