NEO (NEO) Team Presented Its October Updates And Celebrated Its Growing NEO Community

As we moved to November, we’re getting closer to the end of this year, and many crypto enthusiasts are curious to see what the end of 2018 will bring to the cryptocurrency market. For the moment, we have some news about NEO (NEO) which recently presented its October updates and celebrated its growing NEO Community.

With what had happened in the last two months of 2017, many crypto enthusiasts are looking forward to the end of 2018, hoping the cryptocurrency market will skyrocket, once again. However, the last month, October, and the first days of November witnessed a Bitcoin (BTC) with the lowest volatility in its history, which make the BTC prices to stagnate around $6,200 – $6,300 values.

Bitcoin’s situation forced traders and investors turn to some altcoins, such as Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC), among others. Also, NEO (NEO), commonly dubbed as “Chinese Ethereum” is also one of the ideal options, especially when the platform promises a bright future.

NEO (NEO) Team Presented Its October Updates And Celebrated Its Growing NEO Community

NEO (NEO) is the native cryptocurrency of the NEO blockchain, a platform that has the purpose of becoming a smart economy platform which would be capable of executing and creating across various blockchains.

In October this year, NEO celebrated its two-year anniversary, along with some significant improvements, including the election of Dutch telecom service provider KPN as a consensus node on the NEO MainNet on October 20th.

With this new consensus node, NEO (NEO) team took another big step towards a more decentralized NEO blockchain platform. In this regard, in 2019, NEO devs plan to democratize the election system of consensus nodes, completely.

Also, NEO (NEO) team celebrated its growing NEO Community which now sums up more than 317,000 followers on Twitter, over 30,000 on Facebook, and about 3,000 subscribers to NEO’s YouTube channel. Also, NEO’s Medium blog page is followed by more than 2,000 crypto enthusiasts, while NEO’s Reddit page totals approximately 100,000 followers.

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