More Politics, Jibes On Bitcoin Cash (BCH), As Polonix Begins Hard Fork Pre-Trade

The much awaited 15 November Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork, regarded by a section as an upgrade, is creating room for throwing tantrums and making the cryptocurrency space more political.

With the huge drama surrounding the issue and the involvement of crypto bigwigs, it appears that the discord is not going to end any time soon.

The CEO of Bitmain, Jihan Wu, had alleged Craig Wright dubbed the “Faketoshi” of having the intention to create disunity in the BCH community, after Rover Ver joined in the politics of the hard fork.

Wu, who was bemused commented that: “The whole BCH community are working together to kick Fake Satoshi out. The resisitence against cult leader proves the inner strength and sophistication of the BCH ecosystem!”

Previously, Craig had written Roger claiming to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto while foretelling the death of Bitcoin Cash.

Craig said: “Bitcoin will die before ABC shits on it. I will see BCH trade at 0 for a few hours. Will you? Side with ABC, you hate Bitcoin, you are my enemy. You have fucking no idea what that means. I AM Satoshi.”

Charlie Lee Throws Gibes AT Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Long critic of Bitcoin Cash Charlie Lee weighed in on the matter, saying Karma got BCH. His summation has been that of many Bitcoin lovers for the fact that BCH was also hard forked from Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is the real Bitcoin Cash. Karma’s a BCH”

Charlie has been one of the major critics of Bitcoin Cash. Around April, the founder of Litecoin mocked BCH when its dominance was around 4%.

“Now I know why Bitcoin Cash (Bcash) supporters are so upset. For them, Bitcoin dominance has dropped to 4%!”

Poloniex Offers Pre-Fork Trading Ahead Of Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

Poloniex has announced it is offering customers the choice to trade Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV), which are expected to evolve from the Bitcoin Cash hard forks.

Poloniex among other exchanges have announced they are recognizing the hard forks to make them stand neutral while giving the community the opportunity to decide the future of BCH.

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