Monero Price Prediction – XMR/USD Long-Term Trend Is Reportedly Bullish

Monero (XMR) long-term outlook seems to continue in a bullish trend according to the latest reports and figures.

Bulls are on their way

The bulls have pushed the coin up at $55.75 in the supply area on March 20 as the high of the week as noted by the BitcoinExchangeGuide.

The online publication says that the bears returned again for the pullback after that.

They also write that the bearish pressure was strong and the price has managed to retest the broken supply area.

The second retest occurred on the 21st of March, and the crypto dropped to $52.06.

The online magazine concludes by saying that “Price is above the two, MAs and the stochastic oscillator points up at 67% an indication of upward price movement in the long-term with $60.00 in the supply area as the bulls target in the new week.”

Other XMR price predictions for 2019, 2020 and beyond

2019 has been said to be a much better year in terms of prices for the coins and also regarding the mainstream adoption of crypto.

There have been a lot of moves made in the crypto space that support the crypto mass adoption and prices have also started to move.

Tron’s Justin Sun, along with other essential names in the space have already said that we’ve left the crypto winter by now and Bitcoin has already bottomed.

So we can expect some positive movement in the crypto space, and the overall sentiment is positive.

This applies to XMR as well. UToday online publication addressed a few essential factors that can influence the price of XMR, and they are the following: illegal use of Monero, fall of the markets, potential vulnerability of XMR transactions and more.

“We predict that the price of the most popular anonymous digital asset can reach $100 in the first half of 2019, provided that the whole market starts its “bearish” trend,” they wrote not too long ago.

They continued the predictions about XMR’s price and said that according to the analysts from Longforecast, “the price will be in the range from $554 to $638 in April 2020 and up to 810-945 dollars by December 2020.”

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