IOTA Unveils Massive Trinity Update – Enhanced Security For The Mobile Wallet And More

IOTA released a critical update involving their new Trinity mobile wallet. Trinity Mobile has more than 20,000 users testing the beta release for the platform.

The development team says that it’s encouraging that they found fewer bugs and they can finally focus on new features.

Features included in the next release

Snapshot transition

This will now attach addresses one by one, and it will also allow users to start again where they left off, in case of kind of failure. A progress bar with the remaining addresses will be displayed as well.

Storing transaction trytes locally

Trinity will now store signed inputs for transactions, and if network interruption occurs, a transaction can be rebroadcasted, and you will not have to repeat the whole process. This also has security benefits.

Receive page

The Receive Page got a complete UI/UX overhaul. The functionality remains unchanged, but the page is more intuitive from now on. There has also been added transaction amount to the QR code.


Proof-of-work can affect performance especially on Android. From now on, such issues will not annoy users again and unused addressed will always be updated as well without requiring any user action.

More security for the mobile wallet

SeedVault is a password protected KeePass file that includes users’ seeds. Their seeds are the master keys to their funds and storing the seed anywhere unencrypted triggers increased risks. SeedVault has already been implemented in Trinity Desktop.

The Password-protected QR code will make sure that the paper wallet becomes useless to a thief. For the moment, the only restriction of password selection od to exceed 11 characters.

Trinity Desktop already implemented stricter password requirements, and this is important because it will ensure the safety of users’ seeds.

You can read all the details about the summer update in the official notes here.

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