If You Are For 2019, Here Are 5 Reasons Ripple’s XRP Should Be In Your Wallet

In spite of the high and lows of 2018, 2019 seems to hold better prospects for crypto coins. Ripple’s XRP has been on the winning side all these while.

In the coming year, we might be seeing the bullish race of all time. The purported “next-generation Bitcoin” might be in better position to topple Bitcoin (BTC). Meanwhile, you need to hodl the coin ahead of the coming year. Here are five (5) reasons why you should have Ripple’s XRP in your wallet.

#1: More Banks will Adopt the Coin

It is a known-fact that Ripple’s (XRP) underlying technology is making international transactions faster. It will get better in 2019.

Recently, Yoshitaka Kitao, the CEO of the SBI Group (Ripple’s largest partner in the Arab region) gave hints that the coin will become a global currency standard in few months. This is not unconnected to the fact that more banks are taking interest in the coin and its cross-border payments. As 2019 approaches, more banks are gearing to integrate the coin to their payment solutions.

#2: The Price is Promising

Despite the bears that trailed the market within the year, Ripple’s XRP remains above the water. The ability to remain unruffled in a bearish market is pointer to the fact that the coin will hold the forth in bigger capacities.

#3: Bitcoin Might Faze Out

Bitcoin’s (BTC) stake in the market is under threats. This became intense after Ethereum (ETH) was let off the second spot. You should consider making a buy of Ripple’s XRP before 2019 as the coin will be in a headlong battle with Bitcoin. If the card falls its way, then we have a new king in the crypto sphere.

#4: The NASDAQ Connection

For some time now, Ripple (XRP) has been waiting for NASDAQ to come through. The National Association of Securities Dealers Quotation Exchange (NASDAQ) is a platform that the coin hopes to hitch a ride with. The platform is set to come alive in 2019. Interestingly, Ripple’s XRP is among the initial coins to take a dip. When this pulls thorough, the overt role of Coinbase will be cut down.

#5: Ripple (XRP) is Still Cheap

Investors are already taking cue of the task ahead. It is important to purchase the coin before the bullish market in 2019. At the moment, Ripple’s XRP is affordable when compared to the futuristic price. If you’re yet to have it, make a buy before the year runs out.

The Ripple Effect

The tremendous rise of the coin was not foreseen when it came on board. Now, Ripple’s XRP is in the big leagues and will get better in 2019. There are many reasons why you should HODL the coin and you should start by making an investment.

Niyi Adejare Moses Author

Niyi Adejare is a cryptocurrency analyst. He has written many articles on cryptocurrency, technology, and personal development.

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