How Dating is changing in the Face of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is changing the way that a lot of online businesses function. Dating sites are not immune to the various transformations that are being created as a result, either. While online dating is changing in several ways, the impact of the marriage between crypto and date sites is understated. This article will explore some of the impacts that crypto has had in the world of dating online.

Better Matchmaking in the Community

One of the ways that online dating is being influenced by the influx of crypto is through a gamified system of matchmaking. In the past, you would log into a dating site and try to find dates through the chat rooms or by using online personals. Now, you can log into specialty websites and have other people find dates for you.

Since crypto allows for people to pay one another in monumentally small increments, crypto farmers are taking on the task of manually matchmaking for people on websites. For example, you can sign on to a mexican dating site and set up a rewards system for people who find you compatible and worthy dates. Of course, the personal appeal of finding dates is part of what draws people to come online, but the chance to meet a date without a hassle is attractive for some people.

Transparency for Better or Worse

Cryptocurrency is also changing the way that people can be identified on a dating site. Most people like the ability to stay somewhat anonymous on a dating site, but some people take it to extremes. On typical dating apps, people can essentially lie about any part of their identity and there is no real recourse for people that are somehow duped in terms of lost dates or public embarrassment. Using crypto as the sole means of paying for a dating site can be used for transparency on many websites, giving you the option to date among people with recorded information attached to a crypto account. For better or worse, the site will have some of your personal payment information that can be used to track down troublemakers, but it also provides insurance for people that are dating seriously. For better or worse, crypto brings transparency to online dating sites.

Market-Specific Currencies are on the Rise

Many people scoffed at the idea of Dogecoin before it launched and became worth $60 million in 2014. Now, there are new cryptos appearing all the time and some of them are being used in specific businesses. For example, there are sites using Datecoins and other currencies that are specifically tied to online dating. Not only is this a unique outcome in terms of an online business, but it also represents a way for members of a dating community to put more on the line than just cash.

Joining a website and buying coins is more than just a fun way to meet people when crypto is involved. It becomes more of an investment, allowing buyers to make purchases of coins that could increase in value and generate a profilt. For people in these communities, dating has become far more community-based through the introduction of a controlling currency than it could by having chat rooms!

As you can see, online dating websites are seeing many different changes as a result of the incursions of crypto currency. Many of these changes are positive and will allow for sites to be more helpful for their users in terms of matchmaking and other prospects. Overall, the changes are going to be measured and could have far-reaching implications on dating in the future.

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