Four Cryptos To Trigger Bull Runs In 2019: Ethereum (ETH), Ripple’s XRP, Tron (TRX) And Monero (XMR)

According to crypto experts, the most important bull runs will be hitting us this year.

More and more investors are gathering to take a bite out of the crypto space, and more digital assets are expected to thrive in 2019.

Even though almost the entire 2018 has been plagued by the bearish trend that seemed to be in the market to stay, this year is expected to be a much successful one in terms of prices and adoption.

Here are the four cryptos that managed to resist during the hard times of 2018 and are slated to have the best 2019.

Ethereum (ETH)

ETH was one of the most hurt coins last year. Just think about this: ETH started in January 2018 with a price tag of $1,400, and since December the token has been struggling to stay above the $100 mark.

But recently, it peaked at a $120 mark, and the price has been quite stable. Zycrypto notes that “Ether has also swelled in market capitalization and is currently worth $13.34 billion at press time, a price that is very likely to help it retain the second position at any moment.”

Ripple’s XRP

As you were probably anticipating, Ripple’s digital asset made it into this list as well.

Back in September 2018, XRP’s value surged by 300%, and its market cap rallied as well.

The project is gathering more and more members, and Ripple is on its way to mainstream adoption.

The company says that it only needs the US regulators to class the token more clearly and things will then go as planned.

Tron (TRX)

Justin Sun has been promoting Tron on social media like crazy and probably this is one of the main reasons for which the coin gathered impressive popularity and an enhanced number of holders.

ZyCrypto notes that TRX is set to hit $1, but the latest achievements will definitely support the value growth for this coin.

A couple of days ago, crypto enthusiast Tommy Mustache took to Twitter to address a run-up that a Tron-based dApp underwent.

He cited data coming from DApp Radar, and he revealed that the 24-hour volume of TronBet saw a massive transactional output.

He explained the considerable importance of the data, and he noted that “none of the other DApps from EOS [and Ethereum] are even coming close regarding transaction volumes (dollars).”

Monero (XMR)

Monero (XMR)‘s price predictions for 2019 and beyond are looking pretty bullish.

The forecast for 2019 is, according to Smartereum, around $650. For five years from now, the estimate is $2,000.

These are four cryptos that any investor should have in their wallet in 2019.

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