Fluence Labs Presents The Demo For Its Decentralized Network Which Aims To Be Part Of The Web 3.0. Foundation

Fluence Labs Presents The Demo For Its Decentralized Network Which Aims To Be Part Of The Web 3.0. Foundation

Fluence Labs have developed an open-source project called the Fluence network.

The company aims to create a protocol that seeks to enable a fully decentralized network of independent nodes incentivized and capable of receiving, storing, aggregating and processing data from decentralized sources.

At the same time, it also makes it accessible and consumable for applications via more data interfaces.

Fluence showcases a demo for its decentralized network

The number of DApps grows, and most of the required infrastructure needed in order to perform complex business logic is still missing.

The Fluence network’s primary target is to fill in the gap by offering a trustless decentralized platform for the applications that can trigger safe and efficient data processing.

The full-scale test network release is on schedule.

This tool can process data from both centralized and decentralized sources, and it can also make it accessible for applications via more data interfaces.

The prototype reveals the first proof-of-concept for the company.

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Becoming the backbone of the decentralized Web 3.0

The industry has a lot of pitfalls such as the lack of broad user adoption for the decentralized applications.

The famous Ethereum scalability-related problems are also important, and now Fluence aims to become one of the foundations of the decentralized Web 3.0.

“Any developer with basic knowledge of javascript and SQL can go through the instructions and have the working application up and running within an hour — the time we hope to reduce to a couple of minutes and few lines of code. Making Fluence easily accessible for the developers is one of our primary goals,” according to Dmitry Kurinsky, Fluence co-founder and CTO.

The demo has been presented at the workshop during the Web3 Summit which is a prestigious event targeting decentralized developers.

This demo will also be made available for the public at the Company’s GitHub repository.

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