EtherSport and Вlockchain

Nowadays, the blockchain system is only developing and it’s almost impossible to evaluate its diverse future. The competition level among the gambling participants in the blockchain is fairly low. In this situation, the competition is mostly in terms of the ideas quality, the most comfortable and simple services, as well as respectable and fair attitude towards players. Our team understands these issues and works exactly in this direction. An interesting and considerably fresh idea of the lottery process is close to the bookmaker business in terms of the unlimited timing possibilities for the user to participate in the draw game, which has always been a benefit of the bookmaker business over the lottery. We eliminate this problem. Also, the player gets an opportunity not only to guess the numbers, as it works in the usual lottery, but also get satisfaction from their knowledge and support the favourite team.

With sports betting and participation in the lotteries on the traditional platforms, players face the following problems:
• complicated and long registration process;
• requirements and data storage;
• delayed payouts;
• high fees;
• limited betting amount;
• governmental control;
• jackpot amount opacity.

This leads to the problem that potential players refuse to register in such systems. Therefore, there are situations when players prefer shadowy bookmaker organizations or use the services of the middlemen. Reportedly, the illegal sports betting turnover counts $400 billion every year. With that in mind, players lost money in the classic bookmaker companies, because they play according to bookmaker’s coefficients that are often lowered and, in fact, dictated by the bookmakers. Other lost funds in the shadowy companies, mainly because of the unfairness of the underground bookmakers.

EtherSport eliminates all the above mentioned problems by decentralizing the whole process. We create conditions, under which shadowy players do not want to use the illegal platforms anymore. In our system, game players get lots of high advantages through blockchain mechanism, excluding many risk factors. Apart from that, all processes are almost transparent, and the payouts are quick and anonymous. In such a way, all players who have chosen the shadowy betting market due to necessity, become potential clients. EtherSport is a decentralized system. This allows attracting more players. As the platform is based on blockchain and smart contracts (currently under development), no one can influence the result and jackpot payouts.

Think, predict and win.

Oracle Times Editor Author

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