Ethereum (ETH) Shoots To The Moon – Surpasses $5.56 Billion Mark In Daily Trading Volume, Hits Highest Record

Ethereum is the second largest digital asset in terms of market cap, and lately, it looks like the crypto has some pretty massive plans.

Unlike some tokens, ETH seems to have had a few setbacks recently, and the mining rewards reached their all-time low due to enhanced average difficulty and a significant drop in block transaction since last year – the drop is of 94%.

ETH hits the highest daily volume since 2018

But the latest data coming from CoinMarketCap shows that Ethereum does have a considerable achievement: it managed to see the highest daily volume in more than a year.

The latest info shows that the amount of ETH tokens that have been traded over the past 24 hours surpassed the level that has been reached back in February 2018.

Such trading height has not been hit since back them until now.

According to CoinMarketCap, ETH’s daily trading volume was at a yearly high of $5.4 billion.

This huge number does nothing else but suggest a really high progressive rate of trading volume for ETH as the price valuation managed to highly increase since the beginning of this year.

Ethereum vs. Tron in terms of dApps

Ethereum has been recently in the spotlight again but this time after Tron defeated it in terms of dApps users and active users.

The ongoing competition between Tron and Ethereum has a new winner.

The Tron community has something to celebrate these days again. Tron has been Ethereum’s rival, and now, Tron managed to become the leading platform regarding total dApp users and number of active users.

“Tron has 267,000 total dapp users in the past two months which is the highest followed by EOS with 197,000 and Ethereum with 151,000 users within the period. Tron also had the highest number of active users, 16,236 followed by EOS 13,845 and Ethereum 2,133,” ZyCrypto writes using data from dApp Review.

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