Ethereum Debuts 2019 By Overtaking XRP’s Second Spot – ETH Has The Strongest Surge Among Top 20 Coins

2018 was a difficult year for all cryptos and Ethereum (ETH) was no exception.

But now, Ethereum (ETH) could not have a better start in 2019.

Without anyone noticing, the token has been struggling, and now the efforts finally pay off.

ETH reclaimed its title as the second most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

Ethereum regained the second spot

More experts in the crypto space have been predicting that the token will eventually regain the second spot and now it happened.

They were claiming it was just a matter of time until Ripple’s digital asset would fall under the pressure of ETH.

ETH has the strongest surge among the top 20 coins

Ethereum’s surge is the strongest one among the top 20 tokens in the market.

This will definitely attract more interest from investors, and ETH enthusiasts can get more and more optimistic these days.

This surge and overtake of ETH comes after an impressive run for the coin.

At the moment, ETH is priced at $154.33 with a total market cap of $16,075,927,106 , while XRP is priced at $0.369709 with a total market cap of $15,081,963,673 on CoinMarketCap.

Is the next bull run on its way?

Some people might believe this, but experts are quite reserved in predictions for now.

As you already know, Ethereum is awaiting for its Constantinople hard fork which is scheduled for this month.

In 2018, Ethereum lost its spot to Ripple’s XRP regarding market cap, and now its developers are actively hoping that its hard fork which is scheduled for January will be making the transition from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) more effective and boost ETH’s market value while entering 2019.

ETH has been well-positioned for a surge in its price just before the release of the Constantinople, and this was predicted by a lot of crypto experts.

It seems that they were right and ETH was able to surpass XRP in terms of market cap and regain back its spot.

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