Dash (DASH) Hits New Milestone, Gains Acceptance From Over 4000 Merchants Worldwide

Unsung for a while, but seems to be preparing for a giant move that will light the tunnel end in no time.

Ranked 12th in the market, Dash (DASH), a cryptocurrency that is forked from the Bitcoin protocol, announced a ground breaking news stating that more than 4,000 merchants across the globe are now accepting Dash as a payment option.

According to a data from the global Dash merchant listing site DiscoverDash, the number of businesses accepting Dash as a form of payment is 4,015. Yet, the number is regarded as estimated figure because some multi-coin POS providers accepting Dash are not published, and processors like GoCoin do not list out its customers.

On its own, GoCoin which enables Dash for payment has more than 4,000 merchants across the world.

Dash adoption and growth around the globe seems to be on the upside trend as the economy of the Unites State signals long-term trouble.

Dash (DASH) Hashrate spikes

Beyond the adoption news, Dash displays itself on the rising wedge with beautiful colors, ushering out another development that revealed a rise in its hashrate. It was announced that Dash now has an incredible 2.89 petahashes.

While this is regarded as a development, Dash, previously in December, was maintaining 2.63 petahashes

Dash (DASH) To Salvage People Beyond Venezuela

The economic downtrend in Venezuela regarded as hyperinflation has made people resort for Dash as the best option that could save them from the crisis. At the moment, Dash is being rated as the most used Cryptocurrency in the country, even ahead of Bitcoin. This is in spite of the fact that the country has its own national digital currency known as Petro.

Possibly, the increasing adoption of Dash in Venezuela may be a great reason for the increase in the number of merchants accepting the Cryptocurrency globally.

At present, about 2,200 merchants of the over 4,000 global merchants are from Venezuela, meaning not less than 1800 merchants are accepting Dash from around the world outside Venezuela.

As the world in general is witnessing economic crisis, Venezuela looks to be a stepping stone for the adoption of Dash in other countries of the world.  Dash team claims that in the possibility of failing currency of a country, it could make an inroad into their economy.

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