Cryptaur Blockchain Ecosystem Described As A “Top E-Commerce Project” By Major Crypto News Portals

Cryptaur, a Cyprus-based startup established in 2017, was recently described as a “top e-commerce project” by world’s leading crypto news portals, including CCN, ABMCrypto, and Global Coin Report. The startup’s representatives are proud that the before-mentioned cryptocurrency news sites realized the great significance of the project.

The news dubbing Cryptaur as a “top e-commerce project” came out one year after the Cyprus-based startup ended its successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for its Cryptaur Utility Token (CPT). Cryptaur sold about 8.5 billion CPT tokens, summing up to $60,000,000, as reported in a press release.

Cryptaur also enjoys a very active community with approximately 90,000 people using the CPT wallet. The Cryptaur Utility Token (CPT) is available on some of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as HitBTC, LATOKEN, and Orderbook, with the promise that other crypto trading platforms would add CPT in the future.

With a successful and well-conceived blockchain ecosystem, Cryptaur tackles all the costly economic shortcomings its competitors present in the crypto market.

Cryptaur Blockchain Ecosystem Described Is A “Top E-Commerce Project”

“We’re very pleased with the article, which demonstrates what we’ve always believed: that Cryptaur is set to eliminate the middleman from a wide range of everyday transactions, increasing economic efficiency for everyone involved,” stated Cryptaur’s CEO and Founder, Dmitry Buriak.

As reported by CCN, Cryptaur blockchain ecosystem is “the best blockchain e-commerce project we’ve seen that truly levels the playing field, offering an environment in which products and services are vetted by community consensus.”

Also, Cryptaur has made a few achievements in 2018, including the release of credit cards via Fintech United Group in June and the launch of KYC and AML policies in August.

“There is really no limit to what Cryptaur can do,” Buriak added, referring to the flexibility of the Cryptaur blockchain ecosystem and its ability to facilitate an unlimited range of specialized P2P services.

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